Medina Constitution: 12 Points From The Charter

Prophet Muhammad (S) suffered immense persecution through his time in Makkah after Allah blessed him with prophethood. Eventually, it got to an extreme level, and the Muslims had to migrate to Medina. It was after the migration that the Muslims drafted the Constitution of Medina. The Prophet (PBUH) declared it openly to the people of […]

Cave Of Hira And The First Quranic Revelation

When Prophet Muhammad (S) was around 40 years old, his state of discontent with the affairs around him continued to grow. The lifestyle of the Quraish did not allure him and neither was he impressed by their worship of idols. He thought that there must be something deeper to life, and he was in search […]

Surah Alaq: The First Quranic Revelation

Surah Alaq is the 96th chapter of the Holy Quran. Alaq means ‘clot’ or ‘clinging thing.’ People often also refer to it as being ‘congealed blood.’ The Surah consists of 19 ayat or verses. However, this Surah is mainly famous because the first five verses of it were part of the first revelation to Prophet Muhammad […]

3 Ways To Read The Quran – Improve Quran Reading & Recitation

Reading the Holy Quran can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. By doing stuff like finding a copy of the Qur’an that is simpler for you to learn, scrolling over the text with an app, or entering a study group, you can help the reading process. Often, you should use reading […]

Top Quran Reciters In The World

The sacred scripture of the Muslims, the Holy Quran, has stood the test of time for several decades as one of the undiluted, widely read, and memorized religious books. Understanding how to read the Quran and learning how to master something are 2 different aspects. Anyone can recite the Quran, but not everyone can perfect the […]

The Different Types Of Jihad In Islam

Jihad is a word that has negative connotations all over the world today. However, this is due to many misconceptions about it. People think that Jihad exclusively refers to war against disbelievers. Others believe that Jihad means to spread Islam by the sword. The reality is that there are different types of Jihad that Islam […]

Jihad – The Concept Of Physical Jihad In Islam

Jihad is a word that has gained a lot of fame over the past couple of decades. The focus on this word has only increased in the past 20 years, mainly as an after-effect of violent groups around the world that claim to commit many types of heinous actions under the banner of Islam and […]

Seeking Allah’s Forgiveness After Committing Sins

All humans are prone to sinning. Human nature leads to committing things that humans often regret. Islam recognizes this; therefore, Allah doesn’t condemn people for eternity after they sin. Instead, Islam places much emphasis on the importance of repentance (astaghfar) and gaining Allah’s forgiveness. Allah states in the Quran that He loves those who repent for their sins and […]

Learning The Quran On The Internet With A Teacher

The Prophet (PBUH) said that the best Muslims are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others. That shows us the immense importance of learning the Quran. Without the Quran, we don’t have proper direction in life. We can’t fulfill our purpose, which is to worship Allah, as He has stated in the Quran. […]

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Online Learning

It’s 2020, and thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a massive uptick in the number of students pursuing online learning. Online education has been a fast-growing industry for a while now. However, 2020 has forced it to mature in quick time. Not to be left behind, online Quran academies have followed suit. However, […]