Allah’s Mercy Prevails Over His Wrath View Larger Image

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that when Allah completed the creation, He wrote in His book that His Mercy prevails over His Wrath. Abu Hurairah reported this, and both Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim collected this Hadith. Therefore, there is no doubt about its authenticity. The topic of Allah’s mercy is something essential for Muslims to […]

Five Pillars Of Islam And Their Importance

Abdullah ‘ibn ‘Umar stated that he heard Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) say that Islam has five pillars. This Hadith is ‘agreed-upon’ meaning that both Imam Bukhari and Muslim included it among the authentic narrations. These are the five pillars: Testifying that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of […]

Mary, The Mother Of Jesus In The Quran

Mary, or Maryam in the Quran, holds a very important place in Islam. Allah named a Surah after her in the Quran. Muslims also recognize her as one of the greatest women in history, and she is a great role model for Muslim women all over the world. Allah referred to her by name in […]

Funerals In Islam: “Every Soul Will Taste Death”

Allah says in the Quran in Surah aal-Imraan that every soul will taste death. He also says that people will get compensation for how they lived on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever did good deeds and obeyed Allah will get closer to Paradise, while those who sinned will be closer to Hellfire. Thus, death and funerals […]

15 Quran Ayat (Passages/Verses) & Translation (Tarjuma)

The Holy Quran is a book that is of immense importance for Muslims worldwide. It contains a complete way of life for Muslims to follow. Therefore, Muslims must learn the Quran from a young age so that they can implement its teaching in their lives. The Prophet (PBUH) commanded us to learn and read the […]

Huroof Muqatta’at Or Loh-E-Qurani

Huroof muqatta’at in Arabic means the mysterious or disjointed letters. These are combinations of 1-5 Arabic letters that Allah has placed at the start of many surahs in the Quran. Out of the 114 chapters of the Quran, these letters start 29 of them. These words don’t have an obvious meaning in Arabic and we […]

All You Can Learn With Online Quran Classes

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us via the Sunnah that the best Muslims learn and teach the Quran. We must all know the importance of learning the Quran early on during our lives. Our early education is what shapes our lives. Hence, Muslim parents should make a great effort to ensure that their children are on […]

Benefits From Online Quran Classes And Online Teachers

Only those Muslims who have knowledge of Allah and Islam will fear their Lord. That’s what Allah tells us in the Quran, and it stands to reason as well. If a person doesn’t have the requisite knowledge, they aren’t likely to have any deep feelings about religion. However, Allah is our Creator and having knowledge […]

Your Complete Guide To Learning The Quran Online 2020

If you want to learn the Holy Quran, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is going to a madrassa or a mosque. This is the path that most people take if they want to learn the Quran. Or, should we say, the path that most people used to take. When it comes […]