Ideal Online Quran Lesson For The Kids

Know about the online Quran lesson services which can satisfy both you and your kids. Things just get simpler when you can avail the help of the internet, and it is the same for the Holy Quran teachings as well. You will just need to have a few equipments to give your kids so that they can […]

How To Memorize The Quran With The Help Of A Quran Teacher

Quran, the holy text of the Islam adherents was originally composed in Arabic. Hence, in order to understand the intricacies of the Quran, you first need to learn Arabic which is easily possible by surfing Arabic websites and listening to Arabic alphabet learning CD’s. As soon as you’ve done the same, you need to memorize […]

Learn To Read Quran With Basic Tajweed Online – Basic Tajweed

Modern technology is the blessing of God that has given us a new way of teaching Quranic verses online. It is an excellent opportunity for students of Islam to learn how to read Quran online with tajweed all over the world. Learning online does not matter with your age and gender. If you have never […]